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is live at the station now to explain how this happened. john? >> reporter: brian, at the maryland entrance to the station, there are three escalators. this happened on the one on the right, upward bound in the morning around 11:45 when a 4- year-old girl, according to a spokesperson, fell and her left hand got caught between the side plate and the steps on the escalator. she was ultimately extradited by her family and whisked to the hospital. there are safety mechanisms built in. on the bottom sides of the escalators, there are pressure plates. if it detects an unusual amount of pressure, the escalator shuts down automatically. that probably did happen this morning but we are not sure until the investigation is over. one thing is sure, street vendors that work this corner say kids playing on these escalators is a common occurrence. >> they play a lot with kids. >> reporter: how often do you see it? >> every day kids playing on the escalator. >> reporter: we don't know the extent of her injuries because of privacy rights. we know d.c. fire ems said she was suffering from a traumati
in maryland. he hasn't been named but investigators say he did kill karen and carries say lofton then later dell loris and ebony dewitt. he is the suspect in dozens of burglaries, robberies and home invasions. >>> the search is on for the gunman that shot and killed a fairfax man in california. it happened in oakland outside of a dental office a. dental hygienist was helping jing hong kang with directions when he was robbed and shot to death. instead of celebrating his interview, his family is preparing to bury him. >> whatever you ask, he will give. i don't understand why they just shot him. >> oakland police say they have surveillance tape of two people of interest in the murder, a man and a woman. they are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the killers. >>> the storm force is keeping their eyes to the skies. another night of rough weather including a tornado warning an hour ago. looks good over the d.c. metro area but let's get the latest from sarah palin who has a broader view of things. >> it has been isolated to be sure. the tornado warning, we did not get reports of
is in maryland with charges in the murder of a glen burnie dentist four years in the making and he was bludgeoned to death in 2006. and prosecutors say that -- the middle of robbing the dentist. hickman worked inside the office. both were indicted last week on a long list of charges including first-degree murder. >>> the news edge on virginia, where an 18-year-old autistic man sits in a jail and his mother is on a crusade fighting for his freedom. reginald layton is charged with assaulting a police officer. here's the question, is jail really the best answer in this case? tonight, we're going to take a look. fox 5s stacey cohan is here with what happened. >> reporter: on a mission to free her son and has launched an internet campaign. the local n naacp is helping out even though the issue is not the color of the men's skin. from the time he was small, reginald neely laton's mom knew he was different. >> small things like teaching a child how to tie his shoes, you know, pick up a spoon, eating, you know? >> reporter: it took years of frustration and specialec to get a hard diagnosis. autism. speci
in the rise of the university of maryland in march will have to perform community service. he didn't admit guilt but accepted the 90 hours he was sentenced to today. he was one of six students arrested march 3rd after the -- after the terps beat duke in basketball. the charges include rioting, disorderly conduct, arson and destruction of property. >>> busted, two dozen people gathered to watch an illegal street race. police say they broke it up before it could start and it was less than the mile from the deadly crash that killed eight people. >> some individuals that even though we had that tragedy, they feel immortal. >> the people who organized the race are part of the same network of people who organized the deadly street race two years ago. >>> and officers issued close to 200 citations and dozens of repair orders to people in the crowd and the news edge on virginia. and -- in centreville. the flames broke out on ellicott court and that took crews 40 minutes to get the fire out. the house is a total loss. someone put used fireworks they thought were out in a buck oat the porch and. >>>
to solve the dewitt case. the demay have been a break in in maryland. the atf investigated that and they got jason scott locked up on federal charges, gun charges and carjacking. they then passed along information to the brilliance george county detectives working the dewitt case and police say that in jason scott's home, they found the fruits of his other crimes. now, scott is still in jail. he has been there for quite a while. he is expected to be arraigned in the next few days on the dewitt murders. back into you, brian. >>> tens of thousands are without power right now. you have probably seen this around town. traffic troubles everywhere. officers are out directing intersections. that one there is good hope road and investigate avenue in silver springs. two days after the storms, trees are causing problems with the power lines. these wires started smoking around 7:30 this morning in silver spring. restoring the power from these severe storms is still a huge challenge. pepco dispatching crews from delaware, pennsylvania and ohio to help clear debris. fox 5 audrey barnes
maryland judge who deflated the tires of a vehicle parked in his spot. today the court of appeals decided judge robert naly will be suspended without pay for five weeks t. all stems from a 2009 incident when he slashed the tires when someone parked if his spot. he wrote an apology. he is still a sitting judge. >>> still ahead, state of the commute. drivers leaving their cars in park and working from home. >> reporter: more of us are tell working from home but -- teleworking from home, but according to a new survey, only about half of area employers offer that option. >>> some passengers say it felt like a roller coaster ride. the latest on the extreme turbulence forcing a flight from d.c. to make an emergency landing. we're back. >>> some people were hurt on that flight from dulles to l.a. there. was extreme turbulence over kansas that forced the pilot to make an emergency landing in denver after 3 passengers were hurt. one -- 30 passengers were hurt. one woman was jolted from her seat so hard, she cracked the wall with her head. >>> mar of us are -- more of us are carpooling. fewer of us
. >> sue, see you in a bit. >>> these broiling temperatures have power companies in d.c., maryland and virginia asking people to conserve energy. air conditioners, fans and they are concerned about power outages. tom fitzgerald continues the team coverage from inside the control room of one of those companies. >> reporter: well, the northern virginia electric cooperative serves 144,000 customers in six northern virginia counties. all of this extreme heat created an extreme demand for energy and it's creating here what they are calling an emergency event. here inside the power grid control room, the alarms are nonstop. >> it will not be as much drag on our system. that's another alarm. >> reporter: priscilla knight has been pleading with customers to cut back on electricity. >> we are asking everyone to cooperate. >> reporter: that will be key in avoiding power outages. engineers are fighting hard to avoid. how big of a demand are you facing? >> our demand is higher than what we have seen probably ever. >> reporter: larry's control screens are showing some areas of the power grid en
the mayor or any other political leader. >>> the news edge stay on top of maryland and a water alert for res gents -- residents in montgomery and prince georges county. you have mandatory restrictions in place while work crews fix a broken water main at potomac. it's not a little deal, the thing is eight feet tall. karen gray houston has more. >> reporter: and you can blame it on aging fourteen structure. the crews are expected here the next tour guys. the good -- four days. the good news, this optic fiberoptic cable is underground and this is what alerted them that that 96-inch pipe they found in the hole there had brakes in it. the crews -- breaks in it. the crews have found the the exact location of where those breaks in the pipe are. wssc said they got several pings from the fiber-optic cable the last 24 hours and that is going to be allow them to do preventive repairs and that is when nine people had to be rescued from rushing rapid when is a 66-inch water main burst damage 23rd of 2008. today's repairs will require water conserving a by all of the million customers. the utilities say t
that by waiting too long for pepco to respond to something that is fundamental. >> reporter: even though maryland's county government has no direct authority over pep co, the county executive intends to bring all the customer complaints to the state of maryland and which does have power over the power company. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> days after the national transportation safety board released a scathing report ever metro, members got more details. >>> 9 local members of congress met with numbers -- members -- members of the ntsb on capitol hill. the top goal is to create federal oversight of all subway systems in the country. >> think about how many people fly in airlines every day transit systems carry more passengers and there is no federal leave sight or regulation of much of the traffic. >> barbara mikulski entered the legislation that would bring subways under the federal transit administration and another member of the senate put a secret hold on that bill. >>> going to see a fox 5 followup. and two downed wires led to chaos and an approaching metro train grabbed one of the wires an
in new jersey, graduated from university of maryland. she worked at the university for many years. friends say she left that job to stay home with her kids. she is the mother of two young girls. >>> storms claimed the life of a jet ski rider on the chess a peek bay. warren smith and friend were out riding about a half mile south of the bay bridge. both turned around, headed for land when the storm popped up, the wind knocked smith's friend off the jet ski, and when he got back, he was face down in the water. it is not clear how he died. >>> storm related fatalities are the reminder we all need to take precautions when storms whip through like this one did. >> we always warn people with severe storms about lightning, don't get near trees, in general, don't be near trees. we have a huge canopy here. when we had remnants of is a bell come through, it is the huge trees that cause the trouble. yesterday, we had winds of 60 to 70 miles per hour, which is common with severe storms, but it was a big line. tom fitzgerald was saying driving in it, trees were down all over. >> they are part
on down through southern maryland, well east of laplata not too far from golden beach to leonardtown a couple of showers. when we look back at the bigger picture, when say spotty, i mean spotty. late friday we will have a few more on this line of thinking of a few storms to keep an eye on. max hd, huge rain yesterday. it was an area of low pressure spinning and they got heavy downpours in the philadelphia area as well. flash flooding and in pittsburgh. you can see we are getting the last gasp of the circulation as it pulls out. an isolated chance of an additional thunderstorm. this cool front will approach us this weekend and we almost hesitate to call them cool fronts because there isn't much cool about them. but it's a wind shift and a change in the air mass and it does produce showers and storms. we will describe the weekend as, perhaps, a bit unsettled. details are murky on that. we know tonight it will be one or two isolated storms. probably nothing tomorrow but hot. the next couple of days, we will be at or above 90. perhaps late storms on friday and for part of saturday as wel
. >>> in maryland, a bank robbery suspect lead police on a wild chase in montgomery county before getting shot. officers chased the suspect into a damascus neighborhood, down a dirt road and into corn fields. fox 5 sherri ly has details. >> reporter: that bank robbery suspect turned the wrong direction when he ended up on this dead end street. police say he raced into these corn feels but there was nowhere to go. earlier in the day, police say the suspect robbed two pnc banks, one in germantown, the other about an hour later in damascus. police spotted the suspect's vehicle and began to chase him down bowman acres lane into corn fields. investigators say the car came out of the corn fields with the suspect driving at an officer. that officer then fired hitting the suspect. the car ended up across the street in a neighbor's yard. earlier police said they lost the suspect twice but it was witnesses who got them on the right track. >> at least one witness, civilian witness, followed the suspect for a certain period of time during this chase and that is how citizens were able to point police in th
with saving three lives. it happened during his regular rounds in maryland. john henrehan picks up the story from there. >> reporter: earl expense has been a delivery -- expense has been a delivery driver for 16 years. wednesday afternoon when he drove on to brink court, he noticed that a minivan had turned into and stopped against this grassy hillside. he presumed the driver was simply in the process of making a three-point turn. after completing the delivery, he drove out but noticed the van had not moved. >> i had a mind to keep going then i looked in my side view mirror and i saw white hair. i saw it was an elderly person. >> reporter: he walked back to check on the two women could see. they were in poor shape, firefighters believe, because of fumes emanating from a five gallon gasoline can like this one that was filled on a shopping trip earlier in the day. >> her eyes were open. i asked her if she was all right. she was making movements. she never said anything. i was trying to get her to put the window down and open the door. she was trying to unbuckle her seat belt. she was really no
are indeed correct. see you in a bit. >>> a developing story in maryland where the heat is making it hard to follow water restrictions in montgomery and prince georges county. 2million people are being forced to cut back on water usage while crews repair the water main. fox 5 is live with a status update for us. >> reporter: the good news is that pipe is all but fixed but the bad news is the water restrictions remain in place until tomorrow. as you might imagine, some residents are not too happy about that at all. wssc officials say there was a 14% drop in usage but the number is falling to 12%. they say it could fallower and cause a safety threat. we found a sprinkler on for sometime. and someone turned it off after spotting our cameras. they say 260 warnings have been issued in montgomery and prince georges county. four people have gotten $500 citations. crews have been working around the clock to fix the 96-inch water main. they have been welding and rewiring fiber optic cables that monitor core lotion damage. that alerted officials to the weak point in the pipe. they have work is done
was positioned over germantown maryland. is shook walls, rattled nerves but did little else. beth parker is live with the latest. >> reporter: shawn, here in montgomery county there is one big question people are asking today and that question is did you feel it. ray barnes and his wife augusta call themselves pioneers in this rockville neighborhood. how long have you been in the south? >> since 1955. >> reporter: the first earthquake? >> first earthquake. i was sitting there in my chair this morning at 5:00 as i usually do reading my "wall street journal." all of a sudden i heard this rumbling noise and shaking. >> reporter: the next thing he heard was his wife. >> what in the world is that? i walked outside and everything was bright to the world. except my wall. >> the first thing i did was look out the window to see if the wall was down. >> reporter: it was. the retaining wall that belongs to -- [ indiscernible ] the quake was enough to do it in. >> well, i was just speaking with my illustrious neighbor and he said he was going to have his contractor look into it. >> reporter: no need for a c
on the maryland sex offender registry as a registered sex offender under the violent offender category. he shouldn't have been in contact with minors, period. >> parents need to wake up and realize what's going on on those computers. >> mason is now facing numerous charges, including second degree rape. he's being held on $950,000 bond. brian? >> audrey barnes live in the newsroom. >>> investigators believe a deadly shooting in silver spring was actually a tragic accident. 20-year-old joseph kennedy died inside a home. investigators found him with a gunshot wound to the head and police believe a 21-year-old man dropped a shotgun which went off and hit kennedy. the man with the gun stayed on the scene for police to arrive. >>> crews pulled a second body from the delaware river in philadelphia. the two were -- the tour boat known as the duck boat collapsed on wednesday. earlier crews located the body of a 16-year-old girl. we pick up the story from there. >> reporter: two significant developments here on the waterfront in philadelphia today as the bodies of the two passengers who were killed on boar
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